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Lucie in the Sky April 10 2016, 0 Comments

With glamour! Boudoir glam from the archives (sold in 2006, to be exact!). And my first Lucie Ann set. SO GOOD. 


Slip Into Something....Vintage. And Fashionable! December 13 2015, 0 Comments

A fab selection of vintage full slips just added to the website! Take a cue from beautiful women from past and present....there is nothing more devastating the slip! See the collection here   .

French Vogue shows how the slip (and slip dress) inspires and shines as a fashion staple (and it wasn't just in the 90s!). See the article here. 



Modernize the slip with flannel, leather or layered over a tee! Add glamour with fur or just bare, shimmering skin.

so cinch me January 25 2014, 1 Comment

I have a love/hate relationship with corsets, in concept and in real life. On the one hand (in concept), I can see the beauty of them and the importance in the way they define how women were perceived and perceieved themselves throughout fashion history. On the other, I can see how they damaged women physically and mentally. In my own life, I've purchased one and worn in a few times. I read a great article about a woman who bought one and how it changed her life…helped her posture, helped her learn how to "feel" when her stomach was actually full resulting in a stronger back and weight loss, as well as being beneficial to her self esteem. It was with this in mind when I bought mine. Got it, uncinched, re-cinched. Did not love it. The over the bust stuck out oddly and made clothing over it look weird. I persevered, wore it for 2 hours that day…and then days after found every reason NOT to wear you can think of. Had physical work to do, had to work online and sit a lot…all kinds of reasons. I suppose I should try again. 


With that said, it's Cinch-Up Saturday over on the Facebook page! Corsetry goodness. 



Edith La Sylphe ~ invented the “Sylphide” corset, making the very unhealthy 'snake silhouette' popular. c.1900





And this is what makes me want to wear these!!!



Gina Lollabrigida


Jean Paul Gaultier Corset-style body suit with garters, 1990, Duchess satin. Worn by Madonna during the "Metropolis"


Fabulous Frederick's November 08 2013, 0 Comments

Who doesn't love old Frederick's of Hollywood catalogs? Sexy, stylish and suggestive...a time capsule of attitudes toward human sexuality and fashion spanning decades. Today over on the Facebook page we're looking at pages from old catalogs and adverts....go see, post your own! Some highlights...