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I have a love/hate relationship with corsets, in concept and in real life. On the one hand (in concept), I can see the beauty of them and the importance in the way they define how women were perceived and perceieved themselves throughout fashion history. On the other, I can see how they damaged women physically and mentally. In my own life, I've purchased one and worn in a few times. I read a great article about a woman who bought one and how it changed her life…helped her posture, helped her learn how to "feel" when her stomach was actually full resulting in a stronger back and weight loss, as well as being beneficial to her self esteem. It was with this in mind when I bought mine. Got it, uncinched, re-cinched. Did not love it. The over the bust stuck out oddly and made clothing over it look weird. I persevered, wore it for 2 hours that day…and then days after found every reason NOT to wear you can think of. Had physical work to do, had to work online and sit a lot…all kinds of reasons. I suppose I should try again. 


With that said, it's Cinch-Up Saturday over on the Facebook page! Corsetry goodness. 



Edith La Sylphe ~ invented the “Sylphide” corset, making the very unhealthy 'snake silhouette' popular. c.1900





And this is what makes me want to wear these!!!



Gina Lollabrigida


Jean Paul Gaultier Corset-style body suit with garters, 1990, Duchess satin. Worn by Madonna during the "Metropolis"


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  • Marya on

    I would style this with many strands of pearl nlkceaces of varying lengths with a black bow on the strands, and a tiny black patent leather belt. A large black flower ring, such as the ones by Kenneth Jay Lane. A black and gold brocade clutch and black peep toe shoes. If a jacket was needed (as it usually is in Alberta ) then a very strong shouldered black blazer a la Balmain to juxtapose the fluidity of the dress. As an alternative to the many nlkceaces, a large bib necklace would be amazing or even better the black coral statement necklace from Kenneth Jay Lane.

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