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vogue into spring II

1940s 1940s dress 1940s shoes 1941 delman shoes jay thorpe nail polish naturalizer peggy sage red cent vintage vintage fashion vintage nail polish vintage shoes vintage vogue vogue vogue magazine

More awesomess from my vintage Vogues! March, 1941.   Delman shoes.     Jay Thorpe     Love the artwork!     Red Cent for color!           Best dress in the world? Probably.       I'd like these shoes please.         I want nail polish called "Rhubarb"!     Back when Naturalizer was glam...       I've never loved stripes more!  

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vogue into spring

1930s 1930s vogue 1938 catalina coco chanel jantzen petty pin-up pinup polka dots vintage vintage magazine vintage swimsuit vintage vogue magazine vogue vogue magazine

I have a killer collection of vintage Vogue magazines, and I don't mean 1960s….I'm talking 1930s and 40s. I love them so! Just wanted to share some highlights, these from May of 1938.      Coco Chanel             Catalina swimwear…names for prints!       Petty pin-up work for Jantzen  

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1930s 1930s bracelets 1930s hats 1930s shoes 1938 bangle bracelets fashion hats may 1938 vogue nail polish psychiatry shoes vintage fashion vintage vogue vogue vogue magazine

A fascinating 1938 Vogue magazine article psychoanalyzing fashion. (Magazine and photos from my own personal collection).     "Everything we put on our backs, it seems, is a dead give-away to the psychoanalysts. (Fortunately for our peace of mind, psychiatrists make up only a small percentage of the population). Anyhow, when we asked two noted psychiatrists to analyse current fashions- they explained everything. Our simplest vanities have ominous Significance. Here's the diagnosis- illustrated by Bernard Sanders, an expert on psychotic drawings. But there's one ray of light- these psychiatrists, after all, were only men.    ~High-soled shoes, as deglamorouized by...

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All That Sparkles

1920s 1940s 1950s 1980s capucine coro craft elizabeth taylor harper's bazaar irving penn jean barthet kay francis morgan tiffany rhinestones van cleef & arpels vintage vintage jewelry vintage rhinestones virna lisi vogue wilhelmina

Is vintage jewelry! The perfect gift for the vintage lover in your life~ one size fits all! Loads of jewelry on the site here. Vintage images all day long on the Facebook page, stop by and enjoy the shimmering eye candy!    Liz Taylor, queen of diamonds (and rubies, and emeralds…)     Virna Lisi..     Harper's Bazaar, 1967       1980s beaded bib necklace, available here on the website...     Capucine wearing hat by Jean Barthet lined with a row of diamond 'flame' clips by Van Cleef & Arpels who created this look for her in...

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1920s 1940s 20s dress ad alfonse mucha art nouveau bianchini-ferier british vogue corocraft fashion fruit fruit jewelry fruit print hawaiian punch jelly belly paul poiret raoul dufy tattoos vintage vintage ad vintage clothing vintage dress vintage fruit vintage jewelry vogue

Fruity Friday over at the Facebook page…bright, bold colors and prints! Stop by!   Robe of French fashion designer Paul Poiret (1879–1944). Fruits fabric designed by French Fauvist painter Raoul Dufy (1877-1953) for Bianchini-Férier (1924). collection: Musée Galliera, Paris. via Spectacles Selection       Corocraft Sterling Jelly Belly Fruit Basket Pin Clip 1944     Alphonse Mucha (Czech, Art Nouveau, 1860-1939): Fruit, 1897.     1954 lemon print dress, British Vogue     1961 ad     1960s Hawaiian Punch ad  

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