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Halloween, NyQuil Style- A Blog Revisited, Nov 2 2006

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....................Trick or treating on Beggar's Night here left us with little to do the night of Halloween proper. It was a Tuesday night, we'd done the school party, the house to house gig, the little one had a few events AT school. We have loads of candy. Done deal. By Halloween night I was good & sick anyway.....having walked face first into hurricane force 45 degree winds for an hour & a half with a nasty head cold brewing left me in pretty rough shape anyway. I am not a fan of cold meds....daytime is like legal meth, nighttime knocks...

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The Best in Vintage Blogging

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And it ain't me, folks. I don't blog often or well enough to be called that. But there IS one incredible vintage blog you should be following! One that is often imitated but never, ever duplicated. Lulu's Vintage has been around since 2001, starting as a vintage boutique in Portland and've no doubt seen her Top 10 Vintage Websites annual event. She's a true pioneer in the industry! Check her out and check back daily. 

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