x ARCHIVED Showgirl Glamour Magenta Feathers and Rhinestones Jack McConnell Hat circa 1960s One of a Kind


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True one of a kind 1960s feathered hat by the "King of Milliners", Jack McConnell. McConnell was known for his over the top feathery creations and the ones he did himself by hand were labeled "a Jack McConnell Creation" and trimmed with one red feather on the label, as seen in this hat. McConnell was also known for his work with celebrities including Lana Turner and Joan Crawford.


This magenta feathered high domed hat is a show girl's dream! Swirled up and over, fringing face with whisky strands dotted with tiny sparkling rhinestones. A piece of art to be sure. Size 22 1/2, a great size for a modern girl! A once in a lifetime hat!

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