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Pretty Things Past April 01 2016, 0 Comments

I recently had cause to go back through some old images of things I've had and sold in the past (stored on Photobucket), and decided many of them are worth sharing and looking at again! Because so pretty. 


Sold in 2008, this luscious 1960s pink heavily beaded gown was one of my faves! 



A Day of Thanks November 27 2013, 0 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving to my American clientele! Lots of vintage Thanksgiving pics on the Facebook page


Dusty Anderson 1944




Leila Hyams




Ann Sheridan



Anna Q. Nilsson



Margaret Lindsay




Mary Doran



Suzi Crandall




Vera Ellen



Shirley Temple



Frank Sinatra



Marilyn Monroe



Angela Greene



Gale Robbins




Days of Wine November 13 2013, 0 Comments

"Age is just a number. It's totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine." ~ Joan Collins


Today we're celebrating wine over on the Facebook page! Stop by and raise a glass. 




1950s floating wine party….fabulous! 






Marilyn Monroe….





Mirror, Mirror November 11 2013, 0 Comments

A simple yet elegant thing....women gazing into mirrors throughout time. Images all day over on our Facebook page. Stop over and see, share your own! 

Albert H Collings, 1929


“Vanity”, 1890, Auguste Toulmouche



1920s Photoplay



Marilyn Monroe in mirror


Joan Crawford



A Princeza Flor (The Flower Princess) - The Black Princess and Other Fairy Tales from Brazil translated by Christie T Young, 1916


Virna Lisi....Italian Sexpot Deluxe October 20 2013, 0 Comments

The glamorous Virna Lisi is today's photo subject over at the Facebook page! An Italian actress once expected to be the "next Marilyn Monroe", but uncomfortable in the role of the wide eyed innocent sexpot.