Sultry Black Lace and Canary Yellow Halter Evening Gown circa 1940s


A bit of a wounded bird, but just barely! 1940s black and yellow lace and crisp sheer voile cotton halter gown. Side metal zip. Hand made. Issues are just a little color bleed onto the back of the fold on skirt on left side, looks like shadows (especially given that this will need a slip beneath). 3 tiny spots at hem right as shown, again, fall into folds. A teeny tear in back at hem, easily patched. Selling as is, freshly washed and steamed. The few eensy flaws are so not an issue!

Measures 36" around bust (a little give there, a halter), 26" around waist (no give), 16" bodice, 60" hips, 57" long

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