Shimmy-riffic Black Fringed Cocktail Dress circa 1960s


SO much fringe!!!

1960s Herbert Levine cocktail dress of black crepe rayon (lined). Skirt has super long fringe that hangs past hem, all around. Bodice has long sleeves and sheer "nude" chiffon at neckline and back. Beginning at shoulder seams, long black fringe comes down front and back to loop under and attach to a separate waistband that hooks in back. Shimmy!

Dress has a few tiny flaws, but the drama of it overshadows them. I feel like the fringe has a slightly "redder" cast to the black than the fabric of the dress, but you have to ponder it for a while to see, and then still....hard to say. One small hole at top of right shoulder in the chiffon as shown, but is hidden beneath the fringe. That's it!

Dress measures 36" bust, 26" waist, 40" hips, 37" long, 16" bodice

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